8 Activities to Make a Dementia Patient Happier

If you work in a nursing home or visit one regular, then check out these suitable activities or games for Dementia residents.  You’ll definitely find one below…

Depending on the severity or stage of dementia there are a wide variety of activities to play or take part that can stimulate the mind and improve the mental well being of the residents of your nursing home.

Check them out below.

Suitable Activities for a Dementia Patient

Music or a Singalong

Depending what era the resident grew up in will determine the music or songs they’d like to sing or listen too.  Residents or the majority of residents will love to join in with a sing-song and often wave their arms around.

You may see the odd tear as they sing along but it will be from generally happy memories that have been brought back for a short while.

Popular war songs such as the ones below are a great starting point.

  • White Cliffs of Dover

  • Run Rabbit Run

These are just a couple of songs that I have used in the past but you can easily visit youtube and see lots more.

Music can be very stimulating and also create amazin interaction.

Check out my grandma thoroughly herself watching and dancing to Elton John in front of the T.V, bless her…

This is my grandma at home during stage 6 of dementia.

Colouring Books

Colouring books are making a comeback, especially amongst adults.

However, kiddies colouring books are perfectly adequate and can help residents interact with each other but also become more engaging in other activities too.

Check out this book that was featured on the local news in England.


It can often be worth getting out the paint set to amuse residents.

Painting is one of the early practical events we all took part in as children and once residents have been shown they can quickly be involved for hours painting away.

With dementia, it is normally encouraged that you set a certain timeframe for activities as there is a chance when the patient becomes tired they will become very agitated.

Try just 30 minutes blocks to start off with.

Visits by Children

The visiting of children can really help patients engage with others.  Quite often the site of young children will reignite the maternal side of a woman and their faces will quickly light up.

This can be especially effective and noticeable in advanced dementia patients.

Personal Photos

Quite often getting out old photos of the patient or photos of their family can go two ways.

old photos

Some love them and can point out relatives, although they may call relatives by a wrong name or even may call their husband their dad etc.

This can happen and rather than correcting them and saying ‘no, it’s not your dad it’s your husband’ just say the persons’ name and you can normally expect them to say ‘yes’

This is a much better way than basically telling them ‘no, you are wrong’.

You will understand just how sensitive dementia sufferers can be as their memory fades and frustrations take hold.

Puzzles & Boardgames

Keep boardgames relatively simple and also ensure that the groups of patients get on with each other and there are no more than 2/3 in each group.

simple boardgame for dementia

Not getting a regular ‘go’ can easily cause them to lose patience and their attention will wander and then turn into boredom.

Something simple with a dice should suffice.


Patience will love to walk and also love the interaction of a stroll with a carer or relative.

Please be mindful that with dementia, falls are significantly more common and please note the patient can become tired petty quickly and also walk indifferently at times.

Over tie this post will be added to but at the moment there is plenty to get you started with the information above.

Please feel free to contact us below if you have anything to add.

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